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Stress Reduction

Learn how to profoundly reduce stress levels through shifting your mindset, directly addressing problems, an psycho-somatic techniques including breathwork and meditation.

  • Positive Thinking

  • Meditation

  • Breathwork

  • Aromatherapy

  • Mindset Shifting

  • Lifestyle approach


Work-Life Balance Management

Learn practical and realistic ways to balance your life through time management, accountability, and goal-setting. 

  • Time management

  • Strategic goal setting

  • Personal accountability

  • Priority structuring


Fitness/Nutrition on a Budget

Eating healthy is one of the biggest forms of self-care, yet is often neglected due to a lack of strategic planning. This workshop will show you how to make convenient, nutritious meals on a budget, and the best way to ensure you exercise regularly.

  • Meal planning

  • Grocery lists

  • Lifestyle design

  • Interactive accountability tools

Focus and Productivity Through Inspiration

The most productive people think of work as play. This workshop is designed to transform the way you think about getting things done. Instead of seeing your to-do list as obligations, you'll see your day as a set of opportunities to explore and have fun with.

  • Cultivating creativity

  • Turning problems into play

  • Designing your role


Self-Esteem and Relationship Building

This workshop is designed to improve the work environment dynamic through focusing on individual fulfillment. The most effective way to form healthy, positive working relationships is by improving individual self esteem. Participants will develop confidence, inner drive, empathy, and a genuine desire to be effective workers.

  • Self-care principles

  • Boundary setting

  • Direct communication

  • Social cues

  • Constructive feedback


Customized Workshops

Design your own workshop through any topic above! 

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